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 High Impact Presentations Course

Execute your presentation, and stand out from the crowd!

High Impact Presentations Course

Date, Time & Place

Date: 17th and 18th January 2020

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Place: Mimosa Building, 1st Floor, No.196, West Shwe Gong Daing, 5th Street, Bahan Township, Yangon.

Duration & Price

Duration: 2 Days

Price : 1,050,000 MMK 

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A Chance to Join the

High Impact Presentations Training Program


Effective leaders communicate with enthusiasm and confidence.

A presentation is a critical business tool. Whether your communication goal is to persuade, sell or inspire, your presentation is what will differentiate you from your competitors. Think of it as the jewel in your crown. When properly executed, your presentation will make you stand out. Your audience will view you as prepared, informed, and confident.

Since 1912, Dale Carnegie Training has been giving business people the tools to successfully navigate complex business environs. This course provides the skills that empower professionals to communicate confidently and competently to all types of audiences. Attendees receive proven methods and techniques that enable them to develop compelling presentations with universal appeal --yielding consistent, positive results.

The High Impact Presentation course focuses on structuring an effective presentation that builds credibility, enhances the client relationship and clearly conveys the concept.

Participants explore the optimum use of voice and gesture to create a lasting impression – as well as a variety of presentation styles, ranging from a formal speech to a casual meeting or contentious conversation.

Participants are given multiple opportunities to develop and practice innovative presentations. You will be videotaped, evaluated and mentored until you have achieved the ultimate goal, the ability to deliver a masterful presentation.

The class is small. The environment is supportive. The work is intense. And the results are outstanding. It’s an experience that makes a marked difference in business results. You’ll see measurable gains in communication, personal and corporate image, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Learn How To:
• Persuade your audience using indisputable data
• Communicate with clarity and certainty
• Interact with a natural and composed demeanor
• Convey complex material directly and simply
• Demonstrate unfamiliar information expertly
• Project confidence and enthusiasm while building credibility
• Overcome adverse situations
• Lead effective Q&A sessions
• Invigorate people to embrace change and take action!

Who Should Attend

All professionals needing to inspire large audiences, motivate sales executives, address the media, or simply control a meeting. As this seminar focuses on more advanced presentation skills, it’s recommended that all participants have some prior experience in public speaking.

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Trainer Profile


About Paul Siregar

Paul Siregar has been with Dale Carnegie for the past 27 years, and has spent time in sales, instructional and management roles. Paul has delivered skills development to over 25,000 people. He is certified in all Curriculum Areas of Dale Carnegie Training and is a Carnegie Master.

He has had the opportunity to personally coach people at various levels in US, Latin America, Europe and Asia. This gives him a unique understanding of the cultural differences associated with developing people from different levels and backgrounds.