Certificate Paths

Courses in your Carnegie Cloud subscription are pre-arranged in helpful certificate paths. This makes it easy to give your teams professional development options that suit them perfectly, and gives learners the flexibility to take courses outside their path as suits their learning pathway.

Digital milestone badges earned with each certificate can be shared internally and across social media to demonstrate learning achievements. Custom badging options available.

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Advanced Leadership

Advanced Leadership-1Take a deep dive into the skills senior leaders need to tackle the unique challenges of today's workplace.

  • How to Present Online
  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Overcoming Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm
  • Present Complex Information

Advanced Management

Advanced Management-1Get the skills needed to stop managing and start leading your teams.

  • A Manager’s Guide to Sustainable Employee Engagement
  • Getting Results without Authority
  • Leading Across Generations
  • Lead Change Effectively
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Presentations that Influence People

Customer Service Essentials

Customer Service Essentials-1Make every client interaction an opportunity to deepen brand loyalty and customer relationships.

  • Attitudes for Service
  • Manage Customer Expectations
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Transforming Customer Complaints into Opportunities

Front Line Leadership

Front Line Leadership-1Learn decision-making, coaching principles, steps to effective delegation, and build a personal reputation that will lead your team to better results.

  • Analyze Problems & Make Decisions
  • Coaching for Improved Performance
  • Delegation
  • Successful Public Speaking

Front Line Management

Front Line ManagementTransition from an individual contributor to an effective front line manager.  

  • Meetings that Work
  • Performance Reviews that Motivate
  • Secrets to Leading with Assertiveness
  • Secrets of Motivation
  • Step Up to Leadership


Productivity-1Undo destructive habits and consciously choose to establish healthy, productive habits that yield long term benefits. You'll learn how to lock out mental distractions so that you can eliminate time wasters and concentrate on your priorities.

  • Time Management

Professional Effectiveness

Professional Effectiveness-1Learn to deal effectively with challenges, minimize the negative aspects of stress, and influence others.

  • Create your Work-Life Breakthrough
  • Disagree Agreeably
  • Dream Big, Focus Small
  • Powerful Conversations
  • Remember Names To Build Better Professional Relationships
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Carnegie Tales
  • Communicate to Lead

Sales Essentials

Sales Essentials-1Build the skills necessary to earn trust and foster long-lasting client relationships.

  • Appeal to Buyer Motives to Close More Sales
  • Cross and Up Selling
  • Compelling Sales Presentations
  • How to Cold Call and Win New Customers
  • Negotiations - A Human Relations Approach
  • Present to Persuade

Senior Leadership

Senior Leadership-1Learn specific habits to take charge, embrace greater responsibility, and build a reputation as an influential leader.

  • Cultivate Power without Being Intimidating
  • Marshall Goldsmith - What Got You Here Won’t Get You There
  • Present with Impact
  • Succession Planning for You and Your Managers
  • Unleash the Power of Mentoring in your Organization

Trusted Advisor

Trusted Advisor-1Stop being viewed as a commodity in your organization and start being treated like a true business partner.  Develop rapport and trust, design solutions that advance stakeholders’ strategies, strengthen leadership and influence, manage resistance and conflict, and more. 

  • Trusted Advisor Boot Camp

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