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KeepBeing Empathetic to Your Customers

Training your sales staff should be wide ranging, including many different facets of psychology to maximise the efficiency and potential for your team overall. One area that is often overlooked is how to elicit an empathetic approach from your team when they are conversing with customers and potential customers.

There are a few reasons why empathy is important in the sales arena.

See the Customers Point of View – Being able to understand what a prospect is thinking will help you to resolve any objections or problems they may be worrying about with regards to your product or service.

Be a Credible and Authentic Company – Those salespeople who show that they are willing to listen and answer questions in a kind and effective manner will build a reputation as a credible and trustworthy company to purchase from. Offering helpful advice and overcoming obstacles with humility and accuracy will also help.

Become a Part of Your Customers Team – Empathy allows you to see the world from a different viewpoint. Your potential customer will welcome on board a business that wants to be part of their team, not just a supplier.

Build Long-Lasting Relationships – All businesses want to build a base of loyal and returning customers. If you can show your customer that you genuinely care about them and you are willing to listen to them you can begin to build trust, and from there, a long and fruitful relationship.

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